• We are hiring because we need increased capacity to deal with a growing client base!
  • You will provide transactional and policy counsel, with some litigation consultation.
  • You will work in the real estate technology industry and with some other creative clients.
  • You will draw on copyright, contract, trademark, antitrust, and corporate law.
  • You will do heavy contract review, markup, and negotiation.
  • Your salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.
  • You will have the opportunity for equity in three years or less.


  • Licensed, practicing lawyer (licensed in MN a plus).
  • Crazy-good, active-language, typo-assassinating, plain-English writer and contract drafter.
  • Exceptionally detail oriented.
  • Interested in internet, copyright, trademark, IT, and database law.
  • Able to manage own time, work, and multiple projects for multiple clients.
  • Experienced reviewing and negotiating IP licensing agreements.


The awesome

  • The firm is a national leader within its industry.
  • We think we’re fun co-workers (yes, we’re biased).
  • We are lucky to work with great clients in an industry that has a vibrant, welcoming community.
  • We’re an agile firm that strives to work smarter, not longer – no 2,000-hour annual billable requirement here.
  • We value work-life balance. Want to work from home from time to time? Prefer to work longer one day to work less the next? That’s cool.

Can go either way depending on your preferences

  • Casual environment. We like to wear jeans. If you feel a rush of great power when donning corporate attire, you might be disappointed with our vibe. (But we do dress up for client meetings and court appearances.)
  • Travel. There may be travel once or twice a month for two to three days at a time. It might or might not include some great meals and company.
  • Small firm entrepreneurship. Feel the ups of the ups, and the downs of the downs.

The less awesome

  • Competitive compensation, but not a “big law” salary or benefits.
  • No “big law” hordes of minions, lackeys, flunkies, or underlings to do your bidding either.


Please make your case to [email protected] by providing your resume, a cover letter, and a writing sample.

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  1. Brian and Mitch, glad to see you are expanding. There is a lot of good work ahead for you and for all of us who call the exciting real estate our home. All the best with this!