Working with Other Attorneys

As a small firm, Larson Skinner PLLC brings a high level of personal attention and care to each of its clients. But when additional or more specialized resources are necessary, or where local counsel is required “on the ground” in another jurisdiction, Larson Skinner associates with other firms who can bring decades of experience in areas such as civil litigation, securities, antitrust, employment and other types of law.

In such cases, Larson Skinner advocates strongly on your behalf to keep legal fees under control. Examples of associations with other firms have included:

  • Associating with securities counsel to assist a group of joint venturers in determining their options for obtaining financing for a new business.
  • Associating with antitrust counsel to evaluate a business plan for compliance with federal antitrust law.
  • Associating with an experienced local litigator in another jurisdiction to assist with resolving threatened litigation against our client.
  • Providing copyright subject matter advice to an experienced local litigator in anticipation of an appeal to the U.S. Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. (Our client prevailed on appeal.)