I’ve just been looking back over traffic statistics to various recent posts on MLSTesseract. I noticed that posts with “RPR” in the title appear to have about twice as many hits as other posts. The Emperor in Family Guy’s Star Wars spoof discovers that the secret to writing his lines in those movies is that many are of the formula “Something, something, something Dark Side.” I’m wondering now if the same is true in industry discussions this year.

I’m not complaining – I’m very grateful for the couple hundred folks who click through to read theĀ  non-RPR posts. But for the couple hundred who appear to be reading only the RPR-related posts, I encourage you to check out the other stuff. We know at least as much about that stuff as we do RPR! (Note I didn’t promise that we know much about any of it…)

For my part, I’ll be trying to work “RPR” into more post titles, just to make sure I’ve got your attention.

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  1. @Anon: Dale Ross as Emperor Palpatine and Marty Frame as Anakin Skywalker? Hmmm… I don't think the analogy holds, but it might be great for beefing up readership numbers. I'll keep it in mind!

  2. And Stu rhymes closely with move…
    1 issue I have w/ RPR is that they (and potentially their vendor) will profit from MLS data.
    2 goes hand in hand as RPR to my knowledge isnt offering rev. Sharing where their competotors are.
    For RPR to become reality I see two choices… Offer rev sharing and/or pay for licensing
    agree to not disclose, share or otherwise profit from

  3. This is a function of the pressure being exerted by RPR on MLS's to join and the members looking for an independent voice with good information. In this scenario you are Ben Kenobi.