Tom Jacobson and John Rees have a new blog post explaining some of NAR’s recent clarifications of the VOW policy. They’re less wordy than I’m prone to being, so I figured I’d link to their good work rather writing my own post. Comments and discussion are still welcome here, of course.


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  1. Brian, thanks for posting this entry, it was very interesting. I did leave a comment there and would much enjoy your take on my question, if you feel so inclined.

  2. @John: Looks like comments on their site are moderated as yours does not show up yet. Feel free to post a copy of it here, and I'll look at and give feedback if I have anything to add.


  3. Thanks Brian.
    My mls is working through the Seller Opt Out form to insure compliance with Section 19.6 of the rules NAR has directed us to adopt. This rule states that a Participant shall not display listings or addresses which have been withheld by Seller from the display on the Internet. Yet, it seems as though the intent of the VOW is to allow a Broker to offer all the information which

  4. @John: I think you're right – logically, allowing the seller to opt out of display on VOWs as part of her opting out of "Internet display" makes little sense. After all, most MLS systems are themselves 'on the Internet' (i.e. are web-based). I assume NAR negotiated this, and I don't know why the DoJ agreed to it, but that's the way it is.

    As a practical

  5. I am glad to see you agree with my thinking.
    In my opinion, the work around (whether email, Faxing or snail mailing the listing) just points up how absurd this part of the rule is.
    Here's another question along this line. If a listing has been checked "Internet no" but is accessible through a RETS feed to an application such as Wildfire or some other desktop

  6. John: Yes, again I think you are making logical sense, and I value consistency much as you appear to do. (Even keeping in mind Emerson's warning: "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.") Nevertheless, I don't think the VOW policy actually says these things.