Frequently, I do presentations for groups of brokers explaining how VOWs work, why they might want to build them for their firms, and what to expect of other VOWs in their marketplaces. I usually include screen shots from one or two VOWs as examples.

Periodically, I like to go out and find new VOWs to use as examples, to freshen things up. This time, I figured I’d ask brokers and VOW technology providers to toot their own horns.

If your brokerage firm has a knockout VOW, or your company builds knock-out VOWs for brokers, drop me a line with some URLs (and your permission for me to view the VOW(s) and use screen shots for presentations). I’ll let you know if I use your site as a model for other brokers.



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  1. Yes, examples of what is out there would be good. Our MLS is working on the rules governing VOW use now, but I think the committee conceptions of what a VOW is vary from something out of Gibson's "Neuromancer" to an idx feed with a twist.