Trademark services

Larson Skinner meets clients’ trademark needs through a variety of services, including:

Trademark clearance: Evaluating whether a proposed business, product or service name is available for use and can be defended as a mark.

Trademark registration: Registering marks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and with state trademark authorities.

Infringement defense: Defending individuals and companies accused of trademark infringement under the Lanham Act (U.S. federal) and state laws, and in cases involving trade dress infringement.

Infringement enforcement: Pursuing trade and service mark S through cease & desist actions and litigation.

Action against cyber-squatters: Pursuing cyber-squatters through cease & desist actions and domain name dispute resolution.

Trademark engagements

The firm’s attorneys have performed a variety of engagements in the trademark and deceptive trade practices area, including the following:

  • Defended a client company against claims its name infringed the trademark of a competitor and constituted deceptive trade practices under Minnesota law.
  • Settled claims under Minnesota, Florida and Federal (Lanham Act) trademark law, alleging the firm’s clients infringed the trademarks of others.
  • Assisted a client wholesaling consumer goods in determining how similar the client’s products could be to name-brand products without infringing name-brand manufacturers’ trade dress rights under Federal law.
  • Advised clients in selecting and registering trade names for their companies, products, and services under Federal, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and other states’ laws.
  • Pursued parties infringing clients’ marks by means of cease and desist letters, domain name arbitration, and litigation.

Trademark resources

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