Brokerage & agency services

The Larson Skinner law firm meets a variety of brokerage client needs, including:

Agency law: Advising brokerage firms regarding their agency and client service obligations to clients and customers under the laws of various jurisdictions.

Privacy: Developing privacy statements and policies for brokerage web sites and data collection points.

Interbroker compensation (‘commission splits’): Assisting brokerage firms in determining appropriate unilateral actions with regard to the compensation they offer brokerage firms.

Intellectual property: Assisting brokerage firms in protecting their copyrights, trademarks and other valuable intellectual property rights.

Internet marketing consulting: Providing business consultation to brokerage firms developing strategic plans for Internet marketing.

Broker & agency engagements

The firm has performed as legal counsel and consultant to several large, market-leading brokerage firms, throughout the United States and in Canada. Engagements have included the following:

  • Advised market-leading broker regarding proposal to alter its compensation offers to other brokers in the marketplace. Considered antitrust risks and advised client regarding business utility of proposed changes.
  • Offered business consulting to a market-leading broker regarding its strategy to launch a full-service consumer real estate web site. Aided in development of strategy; provided implementation advice as requested.
  • Analyzed proposed national data use policy of National Association of REALTORS on behalf of The Realty Alliance, an association of large brokerage firms and representatives of other segments of the real estate industry. Provided results in a comprehensive report and presentations to Alliance leaders.
  • Presented an overview of Internet real estate marketing in the international marketplace to international assembly of real estate brokers.
Broker & agency resources

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Check out these resources to learn the basics of copyright law for protecting your firm’s listings.

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