Internet services

Larson Skinner meets a variety of clients’ Internet needs, including:

Domain disputes: Assisting clients in defending their use of domain names and in acquiring domain names being used improperly by others.

Web site development and service agreements: Assisting web site developers and their clients in documenting their agreements, protecting their intellectual property rights, and establishing mutually agreeable levels of service.

Terms of use and end-user license agreements: Helping business owners on the Web to control web site use by visitors and protect themselves against liability.

Software and database licensing: Assisting clients in negotiating and drafting license agreements for software and database content to be available on the Internet.

Trademarks on the Web: The Web opens a whole new world of opportunity to build brands for your business, products, and services. Unfortunately, it also increases the risk that you may infringe the trademarks of others and that others will attempt to trade on your marks.

Action against cyber-squatters: Pursuing cyber-squatters through cease & desist actions and domain name dispute resolution.

Internet engagements

The firm has performed a variety of engagements in the Internet area, including the following:

  • Assist clients whose trademarks have been “cyber squatted” by pursuing squatters through cease and desist letters and arbitration through the UDRP.
  • Drafted terms of use and end-user license agreements that consumers “click through” to gain access to valuable web site content.
  • Cleared proposed business and product and service names and marks for use on the Internet.
  • Drafted development and service agreement for web developer to use with clients. Reviewed similar agreements on behalf of clients hiring web developers.
  • Developed licensing agreements for software and database suppliers.
Internet resources

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