Copyright services

Larson/Skinner meets the complete range of clients’ copyright needs, including:

Copyright registration: Registering copyrights with the United States Copyright Office.

Copyright analysis: Determinations of whether works are protected by copyright, who the authors are, what rights relevant parties have, and how best they can be asserted.

Infringement enforcement: Pursuing copyright infringers through cease & desist actions, arbitration, and litigation.

Infringement defense: Defending individuals and companies accused of copyright infringement under the United States Copyright Act.

Copyright enhancement strategies: Assisting clients to develop strategies for assessing portfolios of copyright-protected works and implementing strategies to maximize portfolio value.

Licensing negotiations and agreements: Negotiating on behalf of licensors and licensees for copyright licenses and reducing agreements to writing.

Copyright engagements

L/S attorneys have performed a variety of engagements in the copyright area, including the following:

  • Advised client regarding copyright protections afforded computer software and electronic databases.
  • Registered copyrights in various works, including computer software, songs (music and lyrics), graphic arts, and computer databases.
  • Pursued copyright infringers via cease & desist actions, arbitration, and litigation.
  • Assisted clients in developing comprehensive copyright enhancement and enforcement plans.
  • Developed licensing agreements for software and database suppliers.
  • Negotiated copyright components of client joint venture.

Copyright resources

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