I expect that fans of MLSTesseract wondered whether we had been tessered off to Camazotz. In fact, the lawyers at Larson/Sobotka PLLC (and principals at Larson/Sobotka Business advisors) have been very busy, both on work and personal projects. That’s made us less diligent about sharing our thoughts about what’s going on in the industry. Of course, we’ve had a few thoughts, but every time we say, “We need to do a blog post on that!” We write down the topic, and then we get embroiled in the numerous other tasks that demand our attention.

This week, we have a little breathing space, and we figured it’s time to get to work on the blog again. Of course, next week and the balance of December, we’ll get a bunch of projects from clients who want stuff done this month to get it on the 2010 budget… But until then, we have a few moments, so let’s talk about a few more-or-less important things.